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Fantasia Kingdom Entertainment, a celebration of the Kingdom of Happiness, has received great offers for pears. Excellent land skating, giant Ferris wheel, poker train, happy kangaroo, bumper car, magic carpet, Santa Maria, giant Spanish, zip abroad, pony adventures, easy DJ, paju train ... Dhaka: the Fantasia Kingdom celebrated as a state of entertainment, offers great offers for pears. Exciting Land Sketching, Giant Ferris Wheel, Junku Train, Happy Kangeroo, Bumper Cars, Magic Carpets, Santa Maria, Giant Spanish, Zip Around, Pony Adventure, Easy DG, Juju Train, Roller Coasters and 3D Cinemas. Interested in Besides, the Entertainment Company is offering the opportunity to enjoy 25 Rides, including the Bumar Cars, Speedway Way, Igloo House, Sun and Moon inside the Fantasy Kingdom.

 This offer is offered at the 3rd Asian Tourism Fair, which begins in Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the city. On the occasion of the fair, tickets worth Tk 650 are sold at Tk 325. This offer will continue until September 30. Jeweler Rana, executive officer of Entertainment Entertainment Company, Concord Entertainment Company, said that the tickets for the 650 rupees are being sold at Tk 325 for the fair. This opportunity will continue until 30 September. Enjoy entertaining 255 events at 325 rupees. In the package of 325, Bidonpipasura can fly to the Fantastic Kingdom or all the rides of the Water Kingdom. 

Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Rashed Khan Menon inaugurated the three-day fair on Thursday. The Bangladesh Tourism Board (BTB) and the Bangladesh Tourism Corporation (BPC) are providing comprehensive support to the tourism diversity organized. The companies participating in the fair include airlines, hotels, motels, resorts, tour operators, travel shops, theme parks. Through this fair, an entire picture of tourism is being presented to the visitors. The fair will be held on Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm.

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I want to visit Fantasia Kingdom with my family. There are so many offer waiting for us. Thanks for shairing.

i want to going fantacykingdom but time dosen't match..

I went there. Very nice place.

Great place to pass time.

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