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 The red sun in the morning of the twilight, the red sun set At the end of the day, the activities surrounding the surroundings. It is another kind of calmness to come down in nature. The animals keep returning to the nest. The turn of the people started after the whole day's work began. A natural silence is inevitable all around. The sun shines in the bright light of the sun, nature tends to form itself in different colors. A beautiful beauty of the sunset can be seen while standing on the banks of the river. The broad rivers, the front-flowing rivers, the colorful sky in the heavenly sky, the beauty of this beauty, not the eye thirst can not be seen by the beauty of this beautiful form. The creator of the world has kept people immersed in the beauty of Moha. The mysteries of a mysterious world are creating and playing behind. When the sunset rises in the lonely riverbank, the thoughts come to mind The end of the day and the arrival of the RAE, this world seems to match in Milan-Berhah. The sky and the soil are face-to-face In the intricate context of the shadow of the village of Chhadaka, the sunset scene reminds the shameless bride. When looking at sunshine in the river, the beauty of the mummy is beautiful. A wonderful natural scene can be enjoyed in front of the huge water channel, the lofty sky above, in the twilight, and standing in the river. The rivers of the sky become colorful in the color of the sky. At that time, the sky changed rapidly in the horizon. The red tint of the going sun is like the bride next to the forehead. Sublimation of floating boat in the water of Jhilimili Dhoquelano Sonarang takes a wonderful look. Swelling of the wind in the river along the banks of the river swims up, the white box, the gangle, the flame of the balhans. The sunny sun goes down from its redness to reducing its warmth. 



I thought you wers going to call me Nicholas and that I could be the leader of the human race. I forgot.

Good I like that.

What made you call me ben?

ok i will call

Perfcet photography brother. where the place?

nice writing... keep it up.

The dusking sun color reflects the love of the colors.

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