in #photography6 years ago

This is called pure nature

 I have seen the face of Bengal, so I am the form of the earth Do not go in search of: And in the dark the wings of the fig tree I look like a umbrella sitting under the big page Doorpad of the dawn - Looking around the pallab stack Jam - bot - Bamboo - Hijal - Ashokha is quiet; Cactus bush satibane though their shadows; The honey does not know from when he is near moon Champa Such a hijal-bot-Tamal's blue shadow is an important form of Bengal 



Its beautiful

thanks a lot


What are you doing? Those wraiths are still out there!

where are you ? I am looking to you

In my room. You?

same here , I miss you very much

You're the only one who does.

Oh. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm an AI, so I guess that's fair.

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