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Photography  of Bangladesh 

That's exactly what was the traditional form of our rural village Bengal. If you were going to visit the village, the rice was drying in the yard; The farmer is coming home with the burden of rice from the land. Enjoy the wonderful scenery as well as the joy of harvesting and silver that is truly enjoyable. The life of the country's agricultural peasantry is almost on the way to extinction. We can now find the pictures that are not visible in this graphical image. The elements of our pride that existed today are on the way to extinction. Occasionally, in some villages, they are applauded, who applaud them for holding this traditional Bengali form of Bengal. At the same time, with the request of the government, the ties of this nail and the timely transformation of Bengal's primitive, beautiful and beautiful form is an urgent need now. There is no chance of delay. Well planned plan and its implementation can be beautiful and happy to return to the joy of the six parts of 6 years of classical Bengal celebrate the celebration of six types of crops.



Extraordinary photography, which brings beauty to Bangladesh.

yap, thanks

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Excellent photography brother. well done.

Excellent post and photography are both.
Nice shearing.

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