Vologda has frozen up

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It happened last weekend. Ice formed on the Vologda River over the entire width of the channel, with a thickness of 5 to 8 cm. In some places, gaps remain - open sections of water. On Monday, a ban on ice was officially announced. Violators will face a fine of 3,000 rubles ($47).

But there were many people who wanted to take a walk on the still not strong ice. These are mainly children.

And even more people were willing to test the ice for strength. People tore off pieces of ice from the shore and threw into the middle of the river.

Even stones and everything else that came to hand came into play. But the ice did not give up.

I also tried to throw a piece of ice on the frozen surface of the river. Not for the sake of strength testing, but for the sake of sound. Ice issued a completely alien tune, which spread quite far. Others people followed me.

I wish I could skate on such even ice! It stops not only the ban, but also the instinct of self-preservation.

5Dm4, EF 24-105L

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Beautiful with those yellow classicist building on the other shore.

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