Wash Off That Sunscreen

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Living for that natural light in the afternoon. I wish I had a shower like this back at home, and not the 1x1metre dark hole of a bathroom.

Photography and modelling by yours truly, with the Nikon D7200 and Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G.





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*insert douchey quote on wanting same shower with you in it hahahahha you saw that coming

Hahaha definitely was waiting for that one!

Is... is... that a yes? Can I?

No! 😈

I love how you utilized the natural light! You have such a talent to spot the perfect time to take a photos! Well done @eveuncovered!

Thank you very much! I love working with natural light and I’m always on the lookout for spots that get great natural light, usually it’s in the mornings or late afternoons.

Indeed :)

IMG_7518.jpgbath in milk :)

Wow so cute and perfect .I like so much your backless.hmmmmm

Now that is a nice shower looks very enjoyable, bit big for one though haha 💯🐒

No, it’s the perfect size for one😌

Haha right you are! Its massive compared to mine 💯🐒

Excuse me while I take a cold shower : )

oh yes. look at those shades of beauty. marvellous. keep rocking

This is so beautiful, artistic, sexy and I love it so much!

the picture is very sexy. I wait for a more sexy again..

Mykistävää... Lähenpä lumitöihin miettimään tätä.

Jos mietit tarpeeks lujaa niin ehkä ne lumet sulaa!

Siitä se johtuukin siis! Mutta oikeesti, taas kerran, huikeita kuvia. Ja sinä.

damn right really really sexy girl picture

Just an advice from an ex model: always both legs have to be seen, or else it will appear like she has just one... and I think that if you put a litle more light in the legs the bootie will appear just perfect. Nice shots! Keep on going!

Hi @eveuncovered! You're here with your super hot post again. Who won't love that gorgeous angel on these photos? I must say, you got a very sexy body. Are you always on the gym?

I ain’t no angel😈 Thank you, but I don’t go to the gym at all 😅

Congratulation @eveuncovered !
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Still looking for the sunscreen. Haven't located it yet, but I won't give up looking.

Down down down the drain.

Excellent photo quality, solid performance.

The beauty of these photos, resonates with the honesty in them; natural beauty is real beauty.
In Light and Love
Giant Hugs<3<3<3

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