The Winter Garden, Helsinki - part 1

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From the howling winds on the shore of Baltic Sea, to a tropical oasis in the middle of a city, my favorite place in Helsinki, the winter garden.

I wish I could live in this glass palace, filled with all the these beautiful plants and cozy nooks.









Once again dividing the pictures into two posts, because I think 20 shots in one post is way too much.


Coll nice plalce :D

Plan: Get a home, put many flowers and plants inside, make ur own garden = profit... unless u have allergies

Have allergies?

  1. Buy a plot of land
  2. Get a gardener
  3. Put many flowers and plants inside
  4. Come back a few months later with a mask against allergies and a camera
  5. Take many many pictures
  6. ...?
  7. Profit.

Profit indeed 😆

  1. we all party? I hope.

In the garden? what if we spill some alcohol on the plants?!

HaHa. no problem, that's what gardens are for... alcohol and pants parties lol

fantastic place ! :)

the pictures are beautiful :)

harika gercekten cok güzzel bahce. bende resimler cekiyorum senin gibi olmak isterim.DSC_0190.JPG

I have no idea what you're saying, but your landscape is absolutely gorgeous. I love the reds. <3 <3 <3 My favorite color filling the sky.

Great place to go for a bit of winter warmth.

Interestingly, it seems the gardeners are shining artificial light on the plants to make up for the short dark day?

Or maybe it's for aesthetics (?) I verymuch love the aesthetics of the garden.

Yes I think six hours of daylight through the clouds is not always enough for the plants.

These photos... just....... I don't usually feel much for pictures, but yours just filled me with melancholy and awe. The colors. The composition. It fills me with distant memories and a yearning to be there.

It feels like the places in my dreams, where I roam helpless, lost, yet filled with false understanding. I want to spend my afternoons there, but it's so far away. Helsinki, you say. I guess it's very cold. An ocean and many seas away from me.

wanderful photography

OMG! This place is so beautiful... I would definitely love a vacation here. 😍

This is really so beautiful.

So........ beautiful your photography, i like this post. and very nice your gardening, all the best my dear friend .

Rainbow, that is very nice from you to upvote this post. I find it perfect.

@zullusex, that is very nice from you to reply to this response. I find it perfect.

beautiful to see this place like heaven!
eagerly waiting to come here and enjoy the natural beauty of this place....

Excellent photos. Do not bother posting 20 or 40 pictures because they all are really beautiful. Refreshing and with that tropical view it look like my country side.

really wonderful shots

these clicks are pretty aweosme I really like it. what a place.

Hahahaha, keep clicking stuff made by @eveuncovered. She's got some great content.

Love the vibes!

Very beautiful indoor garden with nice greens colour,a very welcoming place

Wow beautiful photography...loved all the images loved reading the article thank you for sharing...have a great day

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A retreat and a treat both, to be able to enjoy a bit of the tropics in winter Scandinavia. Reminds me a bit of the "tropical house" at the botanical gardens in Copenhagen; we'd sometimes go there when I was a kid-- the contrast between 30cm of snow outside and the tropics inside was pretty amazing.

Maybe that's what I found so strange and familiar, to find a warm tropical place in Helsinki, in the middle of the snow-storms and the fields of white. I want to travel and see these wonders one day.

It actually started snowing just as we went in, the contrast was pretty fun :)

Wow amazing photography all the snaps are awesome.... perfect click....thank you for sharing with us.... keep sharing more

Nothing like the melancholy,

Rain On Leaf

of watching droplets fall...

Wow..Thats very good photography...I appreciate to see this photo... That's amazing looking so much ..
Carry on ....
Best of luck ..
Thanks for sharing your valuable content dear

Agreeeeeed! I don't think we can find things as lovely as this anywhere else on the internet. Awesome showcase of great taste.

Whoa this garden is very beautiful. Excellent photography.

Whoa this garden is very beautiful. Excellent photography.

Yep I want to visit. I wonder if I could sneak some cuttings back to my house! Looks cracking love a good tropical garden, well any well though out garden really! 💯🐒

Haha, me and my mom were thinking the same🙈

Great minds hey! I am basing my conservatory on this. So need a recy mission soon! 💯🐒

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