The Body Issue

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Keeping up with the promises I made yesterday ;)



Me by me with Nikon D7200 and Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G.


Is your tattoo ironic?

Which one? And no.

The one that says "I should be in the kitchen", I think? I didn't see any others. I was just curious as it seemed like an odd thing to say- what does it mean?

I’m trying to explain it without going too much into detail. First, it’s funny. Second, I love cooking. Third, it’s my profession. Fourth, it’s my outlook on life, kitchen is the heart of the home.

Ahhhhhh that makes way more sense than what I was thinking! It's a beautiful tat and your photos are beautiful! Thank you for explaining the meaning :)

Now you have me wondering what you were thinking :D

lol So there's this joke that men sometimes make about women- "go in the kitchen and make me a sandwich". I thought your tattoo was an ironic take on that joke. Here's some background on the joke if you're interested:

Haha, well, it is from that joke, it just happens to suit me very well :D

I love those points

I dont see it a vulgar way but with the eye of an art. Keep steeming.

Wow this is incredible. Such a professional post

Self photography is often the best, this is a beautiful example! Very good job eve! ❤

Interesting self portrait set!

Is this a part of a personal study?
Hats off for bravery



Thank you Esa :) I wouldn't say a study, but I do a lot of self portrait work as a creative outlet.
Tervetuloa Steemittiin!

Suurkiitos! Palailen pätkittäin katsomaan kuvatuotantoasi.

raised by wolves? I was raised by a turtle and 8,000 gerbal's.

That IS impressing!

They just breed and breed when you put 4 random ones in a fish tank covered in glass.BOOM 8,000. The turtle keeps watch.

The turtle is a filthy perv for sure.

Hey eve, whats on the tattoo? Whats the story behind it?

Scroll up a little, I just explained it to someone else too :)

Good photography..keep steeming!! I super-like the tattoo on your thigh.

Nice shots! :)

I'm not a fan of people who comment only to upvote their own comment.

Nice post

What a beautiful heels you wearing!
And what a BEAUTY have those heels on her feet!

Thank you for noticing my killer heels! :D

Cool!!! edgy image......
Got a upvote from me ..

Good photography...can you tell me how you call this type of photography?

I can see why this is so popular.

yeah, sorry. I just wondered where did that promise came from. And I just realised your name eve uncovered, so why not exactly. I don't know about these nude shots but I dyed background.

That is actually pretty good, I like it 😁

thank you very much for keeping your pomises

My first thought was WOW! You are quite something and should not have issue with your body.

Very beautiful! Your rear is amazing. Love your smooth skin. Great work.

Beautiful body! Such young, soft and sensual lines!

Thank you very much :)

Very nice pictures!

Interesting self photo.

amazing photos....

Very very nice

Some cultural see it not good, Maybe.

Very very and your work!

@eveuncovered simply BEAUTIFUL! you are really talented!

Beautiful composition expressing art vs sex :: the poses are tastefully done, keeping it modest....and yes much bravery.

I struggle with accepting my body. What advice do you have?

I don't think I've ever been called modest before, but I'll take it! :D

I'm not sure if I'm the right person to help anyone with their self confidence, I've always been quite comfortable with my body so it's easy for me to show it.

this picture beautyful photography of my life... thank you,, @eveuncovered

Really gorgeous. How did you light/edit these?

Thank you :) I had one lamp on the right side and row of "hollywood lights" on the left, didn't really edit much, just some minor tweaking on contrast etc. Such talent, so professional :'D

It's excellent to make your promises done !!
Looking confident, nice body art, 100% to bravery
So appreciated!!

youre body?iff yess you look very good gl

Splendid pictures!

Lets do a shoot sometime alright?
For now help me upvote and resteem my introductory post

Was a rough day, not anymore. Playful light, delightful curves. Uskomaton näky oot, ei voi mitään.

no nsfw? okay, I'll just enjoy the photos :D

Shhhh.... Don't tell anyone I'm naked, the shoes already fooled most!

They can't really notice that tag is missing, I think everybody got hypnotized by the photos :)) By the way, I like how it sounds Me by me. Nice job and not only!

Splendid self portrait

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esie the nudes... this is truly artistic

Very nice. I applaud your bravery. Not as brave as you. Don't have the self confidence. Hopefully I'll get there.

Such a beauty 🍒

Beautiful body and with a little practice the photos will be very good. but for have a very, very good camera with an amazing potential. you need some light, everything is flat there. you need a crop tool. and that background should be a little bit longer. practice, next time it will be Steem. :) Have fun. Happy new year.

Always learning and trying the produce the best results with what I have.

Yes I hope next time it can Steem, what ever the fuck that means.

She has got no curves!what is the creativity in nudity?still have not gotten the point of why people goes starker on social platform.

Prob because they can do whatev they want😙

Es muy elegante y lindo .

very brave poses, congratulations.. :))

The pictures look very beautiful and natural and in B & W they fully unfold their effect. Really nice nude pictures. I feel compelled to share these. And thank you for these private insights.

These are all so great!! Love the photography

i think you like photography. nice click.

Keep doing your great work greatly appreciated from One World One People.

its perfect,, so beautiful art and photography

keep posting and thanks for sharing your talents

Cool Black and White work, let’s see more!

Hauntingly beautiful photography indeed!

Awesome post @eveuncovered.. Happy new years and best luck for you.. 😎

@eveuncovered - Do i discuss technical aspects here or via Chat? .... We gotta to do shot together.....

Hit me up on the chat :)

interesting photos but next time add more explanation so some can know more about what you are doing

very creative and beautiful composition art with feelings and intensity. @rajat1802

really amazing shots. love the postures and the motion. :)

Hermosa publicación! Basta ya de tanto tabú con respecto a la desnudez.

I was trying to figure out why you posted nude pics. They turned out good. The colors look balanced. I personally am not one for posing nude. My camera is full of doggie pictures 😂. Maybe I'm weird.

Just Followed :O Looks So Calm With Darkness Creating Envoirnment cnt Describe Loved it

Beautiful shot this year get better and better ;)

wow looking incredible :O

this is so beaut full ..i am on fire

Omw!her face is been exposed,it seems she is not afraid of critics.

greate post, an all black background would have been even nicer i think.
have a nice day @davsner

So..... beautifully make nude you thank you so much

you have a fantastic bod and those bins are fab. art. just art!

Upvoted and reSTEEMed because my followers need to be aware of your bottom.
Beautiful, just beautiful...

Fantastic job you are impressive eve.
Nice peice of art
Wonderful idea behind photo shoot
Credit goes to @eveuncoverd

So Beautifull Dear @eveuncovered

Awesome clicks on a angel !

This is so beautiful! Could I use some of your photos as references to draw? Check mi IG page :)

Very tasteful photos, but you need more tattoos ! Lol, I’m new to Steemit so just looking for fellow tattoo enthusiasts to follow. Upvoted and followed :)

What I liked most was the harmony of the black colors with the white,,
i will follow you :)

nice post i like it

nice view. Keep it up!😏

😮😮😮 upvote you

Jaksamista sinne, ite otan tästä haaveita ja iloa uuteen viikkoon... :)