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Early 2000's, my best friend just got a shiny new digital camera as a Christmas present. We are having a girls night watching movies and taking pics of each other with the straight flash and automatic settings.

That was my inspiration for these pictures. I wanted them to look really unplanned and imperfect, even though every detail in the images is planned by me. Nothing is a mistake, not the caught-in-between motion, piles of clothing, open closet door, flash reflection in the mirror, the lived in lipstick.

This set is a part of my studies on flash photography, here using a straight flash. It can be very revealing and unforgiving, a style I'm not usually a fan of, but I used it to my advantage to create the mood and story I wanted.

How do you think I did?








Definitely got that girls night feels!

You did great!

Great Photographs ☑️. I love the black and white mode 😍

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I love it! There's an air of unprofessionalism to them, that it was your best friend taking them in the spur of the moment. The very vibe you were trying to create!

I'd say you did a job well done.

Yep, looks like my friends from 2000. That last pictures tops it off - every teenage girl photo series has that one posed trying-to-be-sexy picture.

I’m forever that girl on the last pic 😂

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