Sunday Polaroids - Little Nippy

in photography •  last year 


Summer should be right around the corner but it’s still quite nippy out in Finland.



Have a great Sunday!

PS. Talk to you guys later, I’m busy cooking for the boys while mama is away.

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photography is very good friends

Yes Sunday a fun, whether it Photo memories.? if there is a visit my blog all times

Nippy weather isn’t fun at all. However Nipper views are not so bad 👀

I have such a unique situation myself. One of my nipples is an innie, the other an outie. Only one can get hard 🤣
So weird, but you just need to know this. Hopefully you don’t pee all over the place after reading that. I’m so, I’m not responsible for the mop.

I was just eating.... glad I have a healthy appetite! 😝

🤢 hold it in as long as you are able to & make sure no expensive paintings are within projectile range 🤮

Weather has become unpredictable more than ever @eveuncovered. I guess you just have to hope hints of summer come soonest!

  ·  last year (edited)

Summer came too quick this year, but we won't complain for that :)
Have a great Sunday dear!

There is no such thing as summer starting too early! I wish I were in some summery place right now! :)

Come to Croatia where I am! It's already so warm and everyone is swimming! You won't regret :)

Croatia is definitely on my travel list :)

hermosas fotografias en la época utilizaban esas camaras que sacaban rápidamente las fotografias y es genial saber que esta fecha tengamos una camara que haga eso y es muy cómoda de usar porque es pequeña y puede andar con nosotros para todos lados

Little nippy, I was worried what was going to be in the photos wasn't going to be family friendly, but it was lol!

It’s a valid fear when viewing my photos 😈

  ·  last year (edited)

You seem to have a love for photography.
Its good to have you here following you. Keep inspiring my spirituality with your sweetness

How cute <3