Sunday Polaroids - I Know It's Early

in photography •  10 months ago 


Hey babe, good morning! I know it's too early to wake up to a Sunday at 8am, but it's such a beautiful morning. I'll go brew some coffee and bring it to you to bed. You want sugar with that?



What are you going to be doing on this fine Sunday?

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Congratiolations! You've just got the award for a 150% good feeling post :D
I'm gonna go celebrate a 5 year old's birthday! Have a great day y'all <3


Aww thank you, I'm glad to be giving good feeling! Have fun at the party, and play nice with the other kids! :)


I will! We usually end up screaming and biting each other but I'm bigger so I usually win...

Really cool photos! I loved these as they very very artistic, hope to see more photos like these in the future :)


Thank you! I do these polaroids (almost) every Sunday :)


Good to know! Can't wait for the next as these were really clever ones! :)

Nice plan was going on long ride on my bike..but its raining sleeping is the instant plan

i will sleep all day :-p


That is a pretty solid plan!

Polaroids are cool... I must have soon also something this. :)
when I make street photography then it is cool make something and give back also .
Cool B&W ... I like it.


That is a really cool idea! You should definitely do that, I think people would really appreciate a polaroid of themselves :)


Yes :)

Good morning friend, we start the day with a cup of coffee, let's toast for success of today.IMG_20180812_043510_492.jpg


Iced coffee yay! But are those cubes water or coffee? I like to freeze strong coffee for a proper good iced coffee and not a watered down version.


it's a coffee cube, it really makes it very thick by mixing a little sugar ... I prefer that coffee feels a bit bitter with the aroma of delicious coffee.

Black and whites are classics in any era. #followed #resteemed

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