Staying True

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I’ve been doing photography more or less for over 10 years, taking a few longer breaks and then getting back to it. For the past couple of years you’ve seen most of what I shoot, and see me do it quite seriously almost every day.

Recently I started school for photography and the one thing a photographer friend of mine told me was to stay true to myself.

For the past couple years I’ve been trying to start finding my own voice and style in photography. I do stray from it from time to time but I wanna keep being very consistent in what I most love in photography, no matter what I shoot.

With school work, there are more rules put in place to what I shoot, and I’m working really hard to do everything according to the assignment, yet still stay true to myself. I never want to take pictures I wouldn’t wanna take or wouldn’t like if it wasn’t for school.

I find it quite exciting to do different kinds of assignments but try and make them work for my style. Of course the style I do will evolve and shift over the months and years but I think I’m onto something with it.

For this post I’ve gathered a few photographs I’ve taken recently that I think show my style pretty well.







Nice Nice nice! Looking forward to more of your work. ''Eve's path to become an international photography icon!'' :D

Oh you! Settle down now, don't wanna cause myself unnecessary pressure.

Alright alright! lol
Sorry no pressure, but you do have talent for it so I'm sure better things are ahead of you. ;) <3

You make one hell of a photographer. You pics are stunning. You have a nice acting side as well. What else are you good at?

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Thank you very much :) Oh heaven no, I can't act to save my life, everything I portray in my self portraits are parts of me, amplified. I'm good at many things, master in none.

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 11.33.56 AM.png

Thanks, always love a high resteem, normal resteem is nothing!

True artistry Eve

I don't get why you're going to school for this... A natural! I think you're paying too much to meet up with people that you can shoot haha

Aww thanks Ruben! But paying? School in Finland is free :)

Tickets are cheap right now, right? I think I'll have to move to Finland for school😭

And I totally agree with Ruben btw!

Okay... damn, thats even better! :p

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