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"Ähh, I don't think I'll need my camera, it's already past sunset. Maybe I'll take it just in case if I wanna take some street shots in the dark"

Well fuck me, so glad I had my bad boy with me! Btw, the new camera is called the Bad Boy, the old one is Big Boy, and the Fujifilm is Play Camera. As soon as I walked outside and turned the corner, I saw this insane skyporn unfold on top of the harbour. As much as I love moody black and white, I'm obsessed with skyporn. Give me all the damn colours!

Oh yeah and we have winter here right now, about damn time!

Shot with the Nikon D750 and Sigma 85mm f/1.4.





This is what I'm talking about! These are some great work and obviously I'm not seeing any seductive Eve on them photos. :D <3

Oh my lord, I love these pictures so much! I especially like the picture, where the pink colours are reflecting off the glass! <3

Love the "ähh" as well. We need them Finno-Ugric letters sometimes and what better way than to shoot them with the öäüõ-s. :)

My tip is to always look to the opposite side of the sunset!

Haha, I use too much english on a daily basis, gotta add some finnish touches every once in a while 😝 Hyvää sunnuntaita!

I love the colors you have obtained in these shots. Good job @eveuncovered

Thanks! Didn't even have to try because the colours were so incredibly vibrant!

Thanks! That green is really offensive, hurts my sensitive eyes.

Love those hue, it is very soothing just to look at it.

There is just something about good skyporn that makes you stare as long as it's present.

The colors 💜

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