Rally Is a Spectator Sport - part 1

in photography •  16 days ago 


Just as much as I'm here to see rally cars, I'm here to see people, the other spectators, and sometimes they are way more exciting and interesting than the race itself.

This part 1 was shot while waiting for the first official stage to begin, which is the only one that runs in the city centre, everything else happens on the dirt roads outside of the city. This Harju stage is the most boring in my opinion, so I opted to go people watching. A lot of people gather around on one stretch of road before the starting line, because the rally cars line up there before the start and you can get really close to the cars and drivers. While the unsuspecting humans were looking at the cars, I was watching them and taking pictures.

Shot with the Nikon D7200 and Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8.




Anti Shop is a porn store, which makes this image interesting to me.


Not impressed.









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You've really caught the feeling of them sometimes back and white just adds so much. Looks like a cracking event 💯🐒

Thank you! I feel like people should most often be shot in black and white, colours are so distracting!

I only wear a few colours so's not to be a distraction :)

So thoughtful! 🤗

That's me!

Waiting for your dporn entrance btw. Doesn't need to be porn, b+w is accepted too.

Make them look older haha. I agree I used to have a camera with a function that took one black and white and one colour shot; that was kinda cool 💯🐒

Bravo! Great street shots. : )

Thank you!

very nice work @eveuncovered .. curated for creativecoin

Why thank you very much!

Hi eveuncovered the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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Someone throwing shade in here, damn!

I really like that you shot them in black and white. I have a suggestion that you could use the #sportstalk tag instead of #sport tag when you do sports related posts. You might as well earn some sports tokens.

Thanks for the tip, I will use that on the next related post!

Happy to be of assistance. I've followed you for so long and loved your work but could never give you a vote that was worthy of your talent.

Awww you 🤗🥰

The next report we want to see photos from inside the car ;)

I wish! It’s my dream to get into a rally car for a proper ride!