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I took some pictures yesterday and I was not at all happy with them, but I did not want to waste them completely so I used them as retouching practise. I think a few turned out alright, the above one being my fave.

I usually shoot my selfies with the Fujifilm x100f because their app works so well on the phone, which I use as a remote. It's a fixed 23mm lens though so it's not the most flattering for portraits, a bit too wide in my opinion. I decided to use my big boy camera and the 35mm end of a Sigma lens. The combo would be amazing IF I could get the damn thing to focus on my freaking face when taking selfies. I used the app and face recognition focus, which missed nine times out of ten. Fun times. NOT!

But yeah, this is what I got after hours of Photoshop action. Which I'm secretly now enjoying.


odjad.jpgReally wish the focus was on my eye and not the hair next to it. No use crying over spilled milk.


We could debate the technical issues: focus, lighting, composition; maybe a little bit heavy handed on the retouching for my tastes. But all of that is within creative "tolerances" and subjective for these images.

There are the beginnings of a very strong story here. I disagree that the first image is the best; the last image is the most engaging and interesting. Look forward to more of this hopefully budding series...

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Oh yeah, those pictures must have been terrible good thing you Photoshopped them as otherwise you might have frightened people with them. 🤣

Don't mind me, I'm not technical when it comes to photos so don't probably see what you see in them. Agreed, #1 is the legitest. Have a good weekend Eve.

Yes 🤓 they were no good. I’m a catfish.

I don't know what that means but I'm pretty sure you ain't it.

As if they were no good. 🤪

I'll save the best worst ones for some later post and show you guys.

Cool...You'll put up all these bad ones up and I'll be like..."Bad? You're crazy Eve!" 🤣

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Classic noire photography

Using authentic hot light even 😝

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