Moody Moodyness in Candle Light

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There was a snow storm raging all evening, and I was all cozied up inside with a cup of tea. When the sun was setting, I decided to light up a candle on the balcony, inside a big jar, surrounded by massive deer antlers. I have moose antlers set up high on the balcony, but these deer ones are a new addition to my interiors. I adopted them from my sister because she felt like she didn't have enough space for them at the moment. I ain't mad about that.

I was feeling real moody and with all the school work that had made me create pictures I normally wouldn't, I was feeling rather uninspired. I texted my friend @kommienezuspadt and bitched about speed lights, and then scrolled through his photography book Dark Pinup for inspiration which made me feel all better.

With the storm outside, cool toned lights on the yard, and the warm soft candle light on the balcony, I found it very fitting to do a little shoot. You know I had to add some smoking and a gin&tonic to this too, to create a kind of hunting lodge feel. I'll have more pictures from this shoot up later today, those where I am actually in focus.

Shot with the Nikon D750 and Sigma 85mm f/1.4.





Great images. The D750 is a lovely camera, I've got two :D

I just got mine and this was the first time I tested it, and I'm pretty impressed. It feels soooooo good in the hand!

Congrats on the new gear! The first one I got, new, the second one, used.

They're amazing in low light, and are so very easy to use!

Really rugged too! :D

I did a lot of research before I decided what full frame Nikon I would get and you can't beat this one in this price range. All the buttons are basically the same as in the Nikon D7200 I've had for years so there is no learning curve either.

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