Loosing Light

in photography •  11 days ago


Today I woke up to a bright sunshine, but because I've been lazy, I only got out an hour before sunset. If you are familiar with life in the north, you'll know that the time between sunrise and sunset is only a few hours, so it's not like I spend the whole day inside, just the majority of the rare sunshine hours.

When I finally got out with my camera, the wind was picking up the fluffy snow from the grown and carrying it up in swirls. When you look towards the low sun through the snow, it looks like someone is throwing glitter from somewhere above. I'm a magpie and that is my favourite weather condition to look at.

I only had a few opportunities to get that kind of pictures before the clouds pushed the sun down the horizon. As soon as the sun was gone, the wind picked up more speed and it started to snow. Now it's been on and off snowstorm and that is probably going to last all throughout the night. I'm all cozy inside with books, knitting project and binge watching Netflix. Nightlife what?

Shot with the Nikon D7200 and Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8.








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Brilliant pics! <3 I don't envy you the cold, but damn, that scenery...:)


Thank you! The cold isn't so bad if you choose to go out there, instead of having to go :)

Wow the quality of that light is amazing. I used to love the snow, but last year we had such a bad time of it at that I get gun shy looking at it. In England it's not so much a worry, but now I'm having to cut my trip short and possibly go back to USA soon so I'll probably have to see it after all.


Multiple wool layers and concentrating on the beauty of snow will take you through the cold winter months if you have to face them :)

Cool ... here was also over a long period of time sun out :)
And I was try make also some photos... I not know when it come back :))

I hope these clouds are not coming to Tallinn, its clear here today and I want it to last. I need to photograph space :D


I can see the moon right now!