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int1 copy_in.jpg

I was resizing an image on Photoshop, option + cmnd + i, but instead pressed cmnd +i, inverting the colours of the image. No big deal, cmnd + z to take it back. But wait, that view looked hella cool with the colours inverted!

I hardly ever do anything out of this world and colourful with photoshop, but this thing I'm pretty into. I dug out some random pictures with buildings on it and started testing which ones work well inverted. On some of these I switched the colours too to be more interesting, and some are straight up inverted and that's it. I found out that really rich and vibrant warm sunset colours work the best inverted, giving those amazing blue tones. I like blue.

These pictures were probably all taken with the Nikon D7200 and some Sigma lens, too lazy to check the exif data. There are two pictures from London, one from rural Finland, one from Hellsinki and one from Cholula, Mexico, can you tell which one is which?


torn2 copy_in.jpg

wat5 copy_in.jpg

tou2 copy_in.jpg

I think this last image is a showstopper with all the details of the building enhanced by the inverted colours.


Some of these look like negatives :D


[goes and hides]

That last one does look pretty impressive, the contrast from the inverted colours really makes those details jump into your eyeballs.

Don't you love entertaining mistakes leading to fun discoveries XD

Haha well yeah that is what a negative is, but I guess you knew it 😂

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