Happy New Year from Finland!

in photography •  10 months ago


Shot with Nikon D7200 and Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G. I think I've only ever shot fireworks once before and I wasn't too well prepared but I think I did okay. The piece of shit remote refused to work, once again, so there is a little shake from pushing the shutter button.

I really like watching fireworks, and they were going on for quite a while, I guess the town has a good money situation :D




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Another intangible border crossed.

Like walking from one town to another, you'd expect something more obvious to change. But the changes are each step in the journey, wearing down the soles of your shoes.

If experience is character, then we're all refining ourselves down to the essence.

New year, time to turn another page - and I can't wait to write more upon it.

The piece of shit remote refused to work, once again, so there is a little shake from pushing the shutter button

In those cases, a 3 second timer can be used but you'll need to be lucky with the timing.


I didn't count on being that lucky :'D

Happy new year, Eve! :) 🎆


Happy New Year Dan! :)

Happy new year to Finland:) Hope you had a blast!
I think they turned out pretty good. I thought about flying my drone and prepared everything but it actually rained so hard that I couldn't fly it at all:( Maybe next new years eve or during some celebrations in 2018!
Best wishes for 2018!


Happy New Year! What a shame not being able to fly the drone, I bet that would have been awesome!


Nice fantastic post Happy 2018 Contribution comment#

Happy new year from France and beautiful pictures for the new year :)

Wow! Amazing pictures! I am also from Finland, where were they taken? :)

First of all happy new year @eveuncovered
And very nice photography i love it awesome photos
Thanks for sharing friend

You're a great photographer, and here capture it in the right moment. Amazing shots. I love colours. Would be glad to work with you someday. Fireworks is not a bad expenditure, people also need this type of public investment, it was a great investment initiative from your city. Loved it.. Best wishes for 2018 <3

Despite the ongoing winter, the festivities of the new year celebrations remain lively in Finland. The picture is very good and Happy New Year @eveuncovered

happy new year ... be good be happy be healthy and i wish new year brings more happens and success

Great photos! :) Happy new year!!!

wow!very nice photography...Happy new year....

Fireworks are always really tricky, but you did great! Happy new year!


Thank you and Happy New Year! :)

|Wow great shots i've never caught fireworks well. Have a cracking 2018


Have a wonderful year monkey :P


A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.

Oh wow these photos are beautiful!! I wish you a happy new year from Sweden :)


Happy New Year!

Happy new year to you as well.

You did a great job with the photos. My firework pictures always come out looking like blurry muppets.


You definitely need a tripod and long exposure to capture the light show :)


Wish you happy new year .you alwys good photo post here.

Beautiful pictures from Finland, wish you the best in the new year :)

Love the last shot! The rainbow firework came out very nice.

Happy New Year :)

Awesome shots.