First Sunset With My New Sigma

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Even though the day was all grey, the skies cleared up enough to present us this amazingly colourful winter wonderland sunset. One of my favourite things about winter sunsets and sunrises is how they reflect off of the snow, I think it adds a little something something.

These were my first "real" pictures with my new Sigma Art 18-35mm f/1.8. I've been playing with it here and there all day, but the day was so grey and flat in terms of light that I had no inspiration prior to the sun set. I wanna play around with it for a few days on different kinds of setting, before I give some sort of a review on it, but I think I'm gonna like it a lot. I'll never go onto the individual pixel level to review lenses, I have no interest in that, nor the proper knowledge. Let's just look at pictures together, and hopefully enjoy them :)





Does anyone else feel like stopping everything they do, and just watch the sunset, when it's this magnificent?

Oh, it's just me then. What, the sun sets every day? And rises too? Okay, I'm still gonna stay here and see it play out.

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O GOd, it looks just dope.
If I am there I would keep sitting there throughout the time having my favourite book with a cup of tea and someone special by myside and discussion somehting very important/romantic lol

so beautiful

Just spectacular!!! yes I do stop everything to watch such an amazing view!, I wish my photos looks like yours!! hehehe you combine two things I love: Snow and sunset

Yes, my photos don't even compare :P

Looks great, not sure any camera could take a bad picture of this wonderland!

Every camera would if one doesn't know how to use it :D

That's so beautiful to look at. Wow.

It's posts like this, that make you so popular here on Steem.

Such a beautiful sunset in a winter wonderland! Nice pictures!

yea, a little something something, winter sunset ans sunrise are one of the amazing things i love about nature, and i thank God for that, Nice picture and keep up with the beautiful photography

Suomieksotiikkaa saatana! whoop whoop! Kauniita on kuvat<3

Pitää yrittää muistuttaa itelleen että ei se täällä pohjosessakaan niin rumaa ole, vaikka kylmääkin..

There are two sunsets I especially enjoy - the sea one and the snow one.
And to be honest, I'm kinda looking towards the sea one.

BTW, that's a lot of spring snow you got there. The gin shelf makes so much more sense when I see this :)

  ·  last year (edited)

@eveuncovered these are beautiful shots.. reminded me, i should upload some i'd taken a few years back.. so this morning i got to it. won't post a link, cause it seems like begging to some.. no offence intended ;)

Amazing way to start. It capture colours amazingly ❤

What beautiful pictures, excellent friend, I wish you many successes

Great choice on the Sigma ART Eve, best lens that I recomnd to ALL sharpness clarity and the price, if you asked me I would have told you from the getgo can’t go wrong with Sigma!

Most of the Sigma lenses are made for full frame cameras and I thought they don’t even make any for crop sensors, I was so happy when I found this! I’ve only had a little time to test this, but I love it and it is a very sensitive lens, which for me takes some getting use to because it’s so different from anything else I’ve used before.


Great post
Very nice photos