Enjoying the View

in photography •  5 months ago


360 views over Lauttasaari, Helsinki, which you won't see in this set because someone was too concentrated on my naked ass. I hope you don't mind.

Shot by a photographer friend who wishes to remain anonymous, post process by yours truly.



⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ nipples to follow!



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There is nothing better than viewing a full moon over Helsinki.....

This just made my whole day!! So beautiful Eve and your nakedness conveys freedom to me.

Love the progressive tan lines on your ass


Thank you darling! 🤗 Funnily enough, I hate that tan line on my ass! 😂 I should have started the summer in these tiny tiny bikini bottoms!

In Latin America nipples are completely censored and forbidden, in general terms. It is almost impossible to find a woman sunbathing topless on the beach, even worse taking topless pictures in public places. Free-The-Nipple!

I used to shoot boudoir photography —which I found exciting—, however both me and my model were harshly criticized. So I gave up against my will. Think I was born on the wrong country.

Very, very nice pictures of you, by the way. I'm also enjoying the view!


That is just so twisted! You have hot weather and the most beautiful women in the worlds, and your society wants to hide them. Makes no fucking sense to me.


I agree with you! However, at the same time, Latin America is one of the most religious regions in the world (Catholicism prevails). The way of thinking of many people is full of prejudice and almost hasn't changed since the Middle Ages!

This reminds me of the broadwalk here in California. Reminds me of when I use to surf in the 90’s having beach fires enjoying the smoke of great herbs lol. May have to up my votes on your post lol.

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That is the stuff I have only even seen in Hollywood movies, but sounds cool!

Which View Do You Mean?!!! :)


The amazing graffiti of course!


Yes i see :)

I knew there must be a reason to love nature. Stunning girl! Just stunning!

Fine photos, it goes without saying that you are quite the model. From the photo perspective, great B&W and light, but I would lose the All-Star sneakers as they are a bit heavy. But I know, thats how you roll;)


I felt naked without the shoes so I had to keep them on 😇

You light up my day, nowadays my first thing I do in the mornings is make my coffee and look for your post. Great job and thank you 🙏🏻

great shots!
the effect of the light that breaks through the gaps of the wooden boards is really cool :-D


You make me fail to focus on the scenery around ... lol.

Wow wow wow. How beautiful a human being can be 😉

those are some fantastic landscapes.

There is a nice harmony between you and surroundings

Enjoying the view.. me too😌
Great photos and great body 🌷

I wonder what the view would be like from the other side.
Just some dude walking by, minding his own business, looks up to see a beautiful topless girl. Why doesn't this happen in my country?


And what country is that? :P

Those booties.... wow ;) plus a great smile and great writing skills... count me in :)

great urban view that match with a perfect casual and espontaneous smile, yeah that last one ist a fresh breeze in the eyes. Cool bro.

Brother's excellent post, always brother's success