Double the Fun

in photography •  19 days ago 


Playing around with faking a double exposure by stacking two photos on top of each other in photoshop, and just doing a bit of fiddling with the opacity, size and position. It was fun. A few of these shots you already saw in this post but I added a couple of the ones on top that you haven't yet seen to keep it more interesting.

Self portraits, like always, shot with the Fujifilm x100f.




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Two Eve's? Oh lordy...Double the trouble.

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High risk, high reward!

I imagine so.

Legit response Eve. ✅

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That's what we're all about baby!

Yeah babyyyy

These are really cool! Love that last one especially.

Thank you very much! Sometimes it’s fun to play around.

Nää on makeita. :)
Mun suosikit on ehdottomasti eka ja viimeinen.

Kiitos! Tää tuli melkein niinku vahingossa että aloin leikkii tämmösillä.

let's have a threesome...

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I knew that!

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