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I really really enjoyed shooting myself today. There is starting to be a bit more daylight to work with and I'm so here for it.

Shot with the Nikon D7200 and Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8.





I just keep forgetting how good you are at shooting yourself! but damn it's not easy to take these types of moods and angles! Very impressive! <3 :)

THANK YOU! It’s definitely my aim that my self portraits don’t look like selfies.

I'm like soooooo much fun, all bubbly and giggly!

Lovely scenes today the dress is very nice vintage with a very modern flair 💯🐒

Bella la modelo!

Looks like you missed the daylight, I sense a hint of nostalgia in your eyes...

The nostalgia is me forever being bummed out I wasn't born in the early 20th century.

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Congratulations @eveuncovered

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