Cat in the Sun

in photography •  14 days ago 


I was planning for these pictures by seeing the sun hit this spot on a few days when it has been sunny. I was determined to wake up early today, get ready in peace and wait for the possible sunny day, and it all worked out wonderfully!

Self portraits, shot with the Fujifilm x100f.








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I think this is pretty...

Deranged in a good way. :)
Excellent photos @eveuncovered yet again.

I am indeed pretty deranged, so thank you, it's very fitting!

Excellent. Now I can start my day.

Good morning :)

We have you to thank for that. How are you? Any plans for today?

It warms my heart to see a happy cat. 😊

Weird cat liking person.

Woah. Cats are awesome

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Cat's are devil reincarnated.

Nahhh that’s females, not felines...

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Haha. I've got to remember that one!

Meow 🐱

The lighting makes it ever so poetic🖤

Wow! You have a natural talent for modeling. Glad to see you are posting on Steemit.

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