Interesting.. It's a bit different from the Spanish colonial churches you see in Latin America.

this area in brazil is where the portuguese start their colonization here, so i guess they are more portuguese influenced and style .

Is it pink or yellow paint?

Oh so jealous! A Rollei is the camera of my dreams. I have a TLR that I love but it doesn't say Rolleiflex on it.

Were you using Kodak Tri-X? The grain on this is beautiful! What was the ASA on your film?

Hey @ilovedietcoke, i used an expired Kodak tri X 400 :)

I’ve been using ilford for black and white and Kodak for color.

Ilford is a great film, even though i prefer much more Kodak, i think the sharpening is better and the contrasts as well .

It definitely is a more contrasty film for sure! I always make contrast adjustments in post so I like having a bit more latitude to adjust it, and Ilford seems to provide me more room to make those changes.

sounds good man, i think with film its al about finding your balance and film that you enjoy

Definitely! Its all about what works best for you!