Spectacular Flowers, Seaside Jaunt and My Kick-Ass Box Destruction Rampage!

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Last Saturday I wanted to do my Live video on a beach.

I’m fond of York Bay on the eastern side of Wellington Harbour, so my beloved and I went for a drive. Parking isn’t exactly abundant on the esplanade … it’s a narrow road sandwiched between sea wall and house frontages or cliff. Before we knew it York Bay was behind us, but then we spotted a nice place to put the car.

The point of Mahina Bay is marked by a large rock which is the size of a couple of townhouses. A path led around the sea side, and my beloved, who has a ‘nose’ for place better than anyone I know went straight for it. Around the rock there was shelter from the wind, a place to sit, and a clear view across the water.

I made myself comfortable, set myself up and broadcast the awesome landscape and my rave on “What if every resistance you encounter is your next signpost to freedom?”

The elements turned on a show, it was like the whole scene was just for us. And maybe it was.

We needed to turn the car around to go home, but there was nowhere to do it so we drove on, knowing an opportunity would appear soon enough. To realise Day's Bay was just around two corners. So we parked in there, my beloved bought an excellent organic coffee, and we went for a little stroll. Just admiring trees and the world in general, wandering up to a green next to some tennis courts, to discover the most astonishing display of Kakabeak flowers I have ever seen. At least something has done well with all the rain this year!

The flowers were so lush and abundant we walked back to the car to get my camera. And got thoroughly distracted by waterfowl …

… and foliage …

When you photograph flowers you often have to get beneath to capture them well and this is especially so for hanging flowers. The ground beneath the Kakabeaks was a couple of splashes short of a marsh, so I sat down, knowing I was going to get a wet behind in short order. I did.

And then my beloved came up and gave me his foot to sit on. What a hero!

Starting back we detoured to see wild plum blossom …

… and then went home via Petone Pak ‘nSave to buy a couple of the best custard slices in existence, in celebration of a significant personal and business breakthrough. The baker there wins awards. I’m not much into baking but our dear friend Kath put us onto this baker years back, and about every six months when I feel like a custard square there’s only one place to go.

It was a lovely day, made more so by a hundred other small and wonderful things. Time outside in my garden, simple and delicious food shared together, and the visible emergence and happening-ness of something I’ve created from nothing – the HeartField for Abundant Self Creation.

The HeartField is a space for people like you (and me) to step up and into the power and largeness of ourselves, and create the lives we dream and desire to live. We know we've got something wonderful to share which only we can do, we know we can be bigger (maybe even huge), and we know it's time to bust out of the small box and just get on with it!

I’ll be sharing more about the HeartField soon, but for now I invite you to check out my website for more info, message me on Facebook if you've got questions, or just jump in!

In other news (and none of it boring!) here are more recent Lives. As always I invite you to enjoy what pops out for you.

So you see I've been busting out of all sorts of stuff and there are bits of shattered box everywhere. So I shall continue.

Much love

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