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RE: Running into the Wind

in #photography2 years ago

Ever run through a field full of wild daisies

I have not done that since I was a kid! Along with getting all muddy by walking in a stream.

Thanks for sharing these splashes of color that flowers bring into our lives. Have an amazing weekend.


Seriously?!! I demand you get out there and run through a field! And tell me you didn't enjoy it.

Then, of course, you will need to do a tick check

I don't remember that part of life growing up. You only picked them off if you could feel them crawling on you. Now, there is Lyme. Hmmm. I wonder if there always was?

I still like walking in the rain, and so do my kids. Refreshing and if it is humid enough, I have to take a shower when I come in. You know, all of this was so much more fun when I was a kid. LOL'

Thanks for stopping by! Have a most wonderful weekend!


I remember having to do the "tick check" hehe. We always have to check while at the grandparents cabin. It was really a “not a big deal at that point in time.”

Then I joined the cub scouts on up and they made a bigger deal about it. After they educated parents on why It was important to know about them a couple of them removed their kids and didn’t want them to go near any woods.

There was this amazing wooded area at the end of our block I use to live on growing up. All the kids played in those woods. We even had some forts and other areas built up in them as well. There was even a “somewhat” cleared area with a giant hill if you went deep enough in. It broke a lot of sleds and bones as there where a couple of trees you had to void while going down “faceplant hill” as we called it among some other words when a sled got damaged!

A kid on that same block ended up getting Lyme disease in those woods from a deer tick I think It was. This was at the time your classic small middle income and up town so the news spread like wild fire. They put up giant fences, signs at end of the block but its's not like that did a lot of good with people having backyards into those woods. That is however exactly the moment when kids stop playing outside as adults did not want it to happen to their own.

so much more fun when I was a kid

That it was kids don't worry about the kinds of dangers that a wooded area could have! So much better just knowing to do a tick check and not put any more thought into it or what else could be in the woods!

Have a great weekend!

True! We had a summer home on the Canadian border with 80 acres and I do a tick check every time. My cousin, Edward got Lyme disease when we were kids, after years of not being able to diagnose what the heck was wrong with him. That certainly changed the way my parents looked at the woods for sure.

No bid fences, but, the tick check definitely went into effect. As it should have. It was scary letting my son go to Boy Scouts, but, I found that educating the kids worked a whole lot better than the scare tactics that some people still use.

I don't like ticks, but, I won't be giving up hiking anytime soon. Just a little (read a lot) more careful in what I wear and how I check myself.

I wonder what else is in the woods? I shudder to think!

Hehe.. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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