Impressions of a daily hike 💖

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Hi there, 💖 Hallo ihr Lieben,

Today was a very sunny and hot day. On our way we found a beautiful river which was especially for our dogs a lot of fun. With the time they went into the water to cool a bit down, because we had not much shadow today.
At the end of our hike I found some wild growing flowers where also some butterflies were flewing around.
Heute war ein sehr sonniger und heißer Tag. Auf unserem Weg fanden wir einen schönen Fluss, der besonders unseren Hunden sehr viel Spaß machte. Mit der Zeit gingen sie ins Wasser, um sich etwas abzukühlen, weil wir heute nicht viel Schatten hatten.
Am Ende unserer Wanderung fand ich noch einige wild wachsende Blumen, wo auch einige Schmetterlinge herumflogen.






Whish you all a nice day, 💖 Ich wünsche euch allen einen schönen Tag,



Wow, the pictures are so vibrant. Which place you went for a hike??

Muy buen recorrido y excelentes fotos.

This is a beautiful dog in a green and beauty nature. I love this.

Have a nice day dear

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Hello Enja,

I nice collection of photos .

You clicked that?

This all clear and nice pics
I like it am following you to see more pics

Please upvote my comments follow me @ram.todkar

Thank you, yes I made all those pictures during a hike today.

beautiful pictures😍

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