Into the forest [ORIGINAL Photography trip]

in photography •  2 years ago

Autumn is probably the best time to go out for a walk with your camera. Colors of nature are so intense and beautiful.

So, last week I decided to visit nearby forrest with a little lake. Walking toward the forrest, I knew that I'll be taking photos of trees, leaves, branches and a lake. But as soon as I entered the forrest I saw mushrooms and I was so excited about that because I totally forgot there is also mushrooms time. At the end of the 3 hours walk 60% of my taken photos were mushrooms.

I'm very glad to share with you some of my shots. Tell me what you think. Also because I'm new in photography, I would really appreciate to hear some constructive criticism from skilled photographers. Enjoy!

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Hi !! would like to know , how ur getting so many upvotes and earning money .
ur content is very good

@eneismijmich - these are wonderful! I am kinda new to this as well but you did a great job. I've seen other great mushroom posts from @cognoscere check it out.


Oh, I've seen this one. Very nice images.
I love mushrooms. Thank you for your feedback.

@eneismijmich your photos are beautiful, love the colors and the composure. Try to work a bit with the focus though. It's just a bit blurry.


Thanks for the tip! I appreciate the feedback.
I'm only a beginner. I have plenty to improve and learn.


of course. u have eye for a good photographer :)


Your images are great too! Keep posting.
Thanks for the resteem.

stunning pictures, just wow!


It means a lot. Thank you!
Have a nice day.

Awesome post. Over 400 upvotes! This should be worth more.

Great set of photos! Mushrooms are so captivating, aren't they? They are so temporary, they need photographers to capture them whenever they are at their best. I really like the vine with with the bright leaves - nice composition and it's fun t0 see such bright colors in nature. And I really like the lake shot right above the vine, too. Enjoy the forest!

I think it's fantastic !!! Resteemed!

I am far from a professional photographer but I think your pictures are stunning! You seem to appreciate fall as much as I do. What a beautiful season. Upvoted and following!

Each photo is amazing. Thank you for sharing. Followed.

Glad to see your photos here, they are so beautiful. Love the colors!
Following your work :)

Lovely mushrooms :)