The Great Squares I Catch Today

in #photography4 years ago

I wanted to share with you wonderful pictures that I caught walking.


I caught a gorgeous rainbow after a slight rain




I hope it brings luck.


May the rainbow bring us to the moon :)

:) hahha

Gorgeous atmosphere. Simply breathtaking. You've got the skill and thanks for sharing

Thanks My Friend

Ohh noooo you are a good photographar

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Nice pictures clear

woah double rainbow!

Amazing shot
I guess you shot this images with iphone x
Because the picture is soo quality

Yes my friend

They are very nice photos.

very nice photo, never know what you can capture walking around !

Some very nice pictures of that rainbow and a beautiful blue sky! Wow! I'd like to introduce myself, I am @steemgoblin. One of the main projects I'm supporting right now, is #dolphinschool. I suggest you follow them and @markrmorrisjr to get some solid training. Also, I'm doing a little project right now, at this link here Hope you have a great day!

thank you very much

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Very beautiful photos)

Thank you my friend

I hope it does, coz I seriously need luck on my steem posts to get more views and upvote

I hope my friend

Friend Great Photo

Awwwww... This is really beautiful : )

They are amazing! I love beautiful squares I should capture more of them!

Wow, these are fantastic pictures. Good luck continued and enjoy traveling. You were in the right place at the right moment. I wish you much success and a lot of joy in the photograph. Greetings from Bali

Awsome talent from you on taking such terrific pictures, our nature and earth is really nice, we need to take care of it and ecourage on that, wanna see more from your great work thank u

Very good pic! You are top 🖖 i follow you from italy my friend! 🇮🇹

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Wow ! This is amazing Photography ! Loved the pictures ❤️🙌

These are really good pictures and they have a way of bringing good luck to everyone

Hi Emrealtin! you have captured all the images very nicely and I really like it man

WOW those pictures are insanely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing :)

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Hi there, this reminds me "the trasure under the rainbow" :) Good shoots.

The first time I saw it, I had an idea. :D

Wow nice pictures! I love them:)

Well Sure it brought you Luck ! My Upvote and Follow ;-D

Thank You my friend

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