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it is an unfortunate situation that plague our society. At the same time new instances of rape or sexual assault make it to the papers day-to-day, many more go unreported. A collective wave of protest and outrage towards sexual assault took over our nation again then.

Now we have seen many public figures make statements like, "She would've been inappropriately dressed" or "She would not have stepped out of the house so late within the night time."

She used to be raped and it's ordinarily her fault.

This flaw in Nigeria mentality is strictly what this photograph series brings to gentle.

Listed below are the placing photos with textual content.

The pot lies safely on her swish palms. It appears with its non-existent eyes at this lovely lady whose glowing eyes gaze with a smile at some thing or any individual. It has heard with its similarly non-existent ears her identify being called upon several occasions and it tries to utter the title with its non-existent lips however it knows that she couldn't hear it but the historical pot nonetheless tries to call upon her identify another time, Tanirika!
Tanirika, as her title suggests is an ardent lover of flowers. She spends most of her time taking care of the quite a lot of crops round her residence. She talks to them even as watering and collectively they gaze at the rising sun. Although her curious mind took her to lands far off from house, her legs perpetually located their manner again. Those far flung lands taught her what she wants to make the arena a better position but she chose dwelling on the grounds that there's the place her coronary heart lies. Rape Story2.jpg

Athreya, Tanirika's father or appa as she prefers to call him is a instructor and has lived his whole existence on this small coastal town. In his years of educating he has said extra 'goodbyes' than 'Welcome backs' as practically each yr the children he taught left town for a better existence after commencement. A intelligent man with the aid of all approach, he under no circumstances blamed them for his or her choice. He normally wished each one of them the nice and stood there looking at silently as his stunning town was once being disadvantaged of its early life. He did the same when his beautiful daughter, Tanirika left city a couple of years again for her reports. He in no way expected her to return however when she did he knew correct away that it is the happiest moment of his lifestyles. He helped her hooked up her possess garden close their house and watched every day with a lot love as she took care of it. He realized that what she misses is an efficient life accomplice and expresses his desire to her. She simply consents as she is aware of that her father will constantly do the first-class for her.Rape Story3.jpg

Her eyes seem upon the open sky with pleasure as the light passes by using. Her smile displays to the large expanse along with her eyes the thrill her heart has for the lovely and limitless potentialities which might be going to be rained upon her.Rape Story4.jpg

One man a fisherman and the opposite an office executive, Kathir and Selvam have been associates from their institution days. Despite the diversities of their fortunes they've managed to maintain their friendship. Born into a pretty good off household, Kathir had a secured lifestyles at the same time developing up but everything grew to become the other way up when he reached excessive university. His father fell into alcoholism and had reached a situation the place there was once no turning again. They misplaced practically the whole lot and kathir had no choice but to take accountability. He quit his experiences early to help his loved ones and his fingers on no account touched a publication ever considering that. Routinely when he looks at Selvam he couldn't aid but marvel how his life would've became out if he hadn't sacrificed his schooling however the feeling by no means was jealousy as he's sincerely blissful with what Selvam has completed.
Selvam is a character who appears calm and soft on the outside but in him lays an additional aspect that his buddies on rare occasions have witnessed. A side that's unsightly and violent. When provoked Selvam can trade right into a thoroughly exclusive man or woman with fuming eyes and strong fingers that simply need to destruct and his buddies are aware that it's now not a excellent sight and they are attempting their quality not to rouse him in any manner.Rape Story5.jpg

Kathir and Selvam meet up with their close buddies after three months, Rudhra and Vasu. Rudhra is the youngest of the lot and also probably the most fractured. He misplaced his dad at an extraordinarily younger age and had to helplessly watch as his grieving mother took over his father's Bakery trade. She has worked very hard ever considering to make ends meet. The only shining mild for the period of those instances of darkness used to be Janavi, his ex-girlfriend. He loved her along with his whole coronary heart and felt along with her a sort of happiness that he's not ever felt before. She gave his lifestyles some that means and he cherished every moment he spent together with her but just like the saying goes 'all good matters come to an end' their relationship perished. Janavi slowly fell out of affection with him and ultimately located someone else. He felt damage and betrayed. He spent the months following the breakup with a lot denial and saved pursuing her for a legitimate intent and not ever being convinced with what he hears in return. After a factor he realized that it used to be over and let the grief take over him. He began journeying intercourse staff with what little money he made and it ultimately grew to be a addiction that he couldn't finish. He drove himself to sex dependency looking to fail to remember a reminiscence however with out a avail and he's slowly moving faraway from the man or woman he could be.
Vasu, A collegue of Selvam is an awfully educated and well-learn person however has the unusual fine of not applying what he has learnt as he's extremely malleable and effortlessly satisfied to do some thing. He has invariably preferred others to take the lead and it doesn't take so much to make him say sure to practically the whole thing.Rape Story6.jpg

The 4 meet up with things which are happening in their lives. It doesn't take very lengthy for the principal subject of conversation to come to be about women.

Selvam boasts about his more than a few escapades within the metropolis whilst all of them make fun of Rudhra for his addiction as he smiles back at them.

Vasu stays silent as invariably nodding when wanted to be nodded and laughing when wanted to be laughed. All eyes are on Kathir now as he describes about this beautiful lady who lives in this town.

He tells them that he's noticeable her most effective twice strolling along the shore however these transient moments were sufficient for him to be enticed by her beauty.Rape Story7.jpg

Kathir's eye catches something and he stops gabbing. Stressed, the other three comply with his gaze and there she is taking a walk small distance faraway from them. Kathir doesn't take his eyes off her. He just mouths the phrases 'She's the one'.Rape Story8.jpg

The moment Selvam laid his eyes on her he knew he's going to have her at any cost. The seed of lust in him begins to germinate and engulf his body in fraction of time and via his eyes it might see only one factor, Her. Its roots are craving for her. Rudhra looks at her with the equal wicked smile he had after they have been making fun of his addiction. Vasu just appears at her frighteningly as anything inside of tells him that matters are going to get out of hand.Rape Story9.jpg

Selvam grabs Kathir by his hand and rush towards her. Kathir looks at him both confused and surprised but the moment both their eyes met, he knew. Selvam has been provoked, Provoked by her beauty. Selvam’s grab meant that Kathiris by no means going back. Together they move towards her slowly transforming into animals not knowing that once they transform completely, there is no way they could become humans again.Rape Story10.jpg

After tending her garden, Tanirika walks in the direction of her house like each other day however she might consider anything exceptional today. Some thing she couldn't exactly pin factor to however after just a few moments she realised that the sensation used to be extra inclined towards her ears. She might hear a series of thuds at the back of her getting nearer via each and every seconds. The second she turns again, it was too late. A person grabs her from behind and earlier than she might even react from the initial shock he covers her mouth with his fingers. An additional man joins him as her eyes watch with horror two more guys dashing in the direction of them. Rape Story11.jpg

Selvam who has a company preserve on her yells at Kathir and Rudhra to keep her and so they oblige. Selvam lets go of her and watches as kathir and Rudhra preserve her firmly. Tanirika, with all her would tries to interrupt off from their keep but to no avail. They are simply too powerful. Out of the blue like a bullet in the head she realised that her mouth is now not protected by using someone and with final ray of hope, she shouts.Rape Story12.jpg

Selvam looks at this lady who's suffering from all her might to get far from them and run to the protection of her dwelling. However all he sees is a girl who doesn't wish to be with him. He watches as she yells with all the energy she's received in her, He watches as she keeps looking to break free from his friends preserve. He watches her horrified eyes that also believed that she can break out. He needs her to look at him and shut up. He knew precisely what to do to make that happen.Rape Story13.jpg

When lightning strikes, everything stands still and quiet for a moment. When Selvam's hand hit Tanirika's face with the entire drive he can control and when some of her blood splashed over Rudhra's face, the whole thing grew to be silent for an immediate. Rudhra watches with shock at Selvama's he has on no account visible a woman being hit that manner.All they might hear used to be the thud of Tanirika falling. Rudhra with blood on his eyes saw Tanirika ultimately letting go.Rape Story14.jpg

Tanirika lay down with blood on her face. For a split seconds she looks at the raised hand of Selvam after which his fuming eyes. She knew what these eyes needs and she or he additionally knew that the raised hand will keep hurting her unless the eyes will get what it desires. She desires to say it out loud however she couldn't convey herself to do it. Despite the blow, the soreness and the disgrace she still for a second thought about dwelling and her garden. She concept about how they lay where they are by myself as she is proper now normally ready for any one to maintain them. She tries to elevate her head and move her physique. She needs to simply crawl all the approach home but when she appears again at Selvam and the entire other faces she knew that her fall is everlasting.Rape Story15.jpg

Selvam yells at Kathir and Rudhra. They both come out of the non permanent trance they had after Selvam hit her. They maintain listening to Selvam's voice ordering them to tug her deep into the woods. Without any word they oblige with the aid of taking one hand each and drag her closer to the woods. The force of their drag creates a small storm round her and tries to duvet her absolutely with pine leaves like she's already being buried earlier than loss of life.Rape Story16.jpg

Rudhra remains to be bewildered with the aid of what he's doing. He appears at Tanirika's eyes as he's holding her hand and dragging her. Their eyes meet for some time and he couldn't support but maintain looking at it as he feels he sees some thing acquainted in them. She doesn't transfer her gaze away from him. Tears go with the flow from her eyes however she nonetheless doesn't take her eyes away from him. That's when it hit him, what he sees in them is a part of himself. The phase that used to be hit through grief long ago, the phase that left him helpless and stranded in a dungeon together with his arms raised above his head begging for gentle however all they discovered used to be darkness in all places. He held on to darkness and let it drag him everywhere his heart didn't need to be and subsequently let it fling him down a spot where he's about to hurt another man or women. Rape Story17.jpg

Some hands are supposed to be held onto however others are meant to be let go. Although Tanirika's fingers put up to their maintain, Rudhra would hear a silent scream from inside her arms to be let go. The equal scream he has been listening to in the course of his life. Preserving onto too many matters have not made his coronary heart superior however weaker and he might hear it whisper, 'Let it go'. He whimpers for a second and let go of her hand.Rape Story18.jpg

Here's a man who beholds the title that has been praised as the 'mightiest of the mighty' in the Rig Veda. But of course Rudhra doesn't comprehend some thing about it. He simply stares closely as darkness slowly evades him and lightweight fills in drop by using drop. The same mild whose empathy he longed for an extraordinarily very long time. When he realised that he's almost on the finish of the tunnel he turned toward Tanirika. He appears at her wounded face and their eyes lock for an immediate. His eyes ask her for forgiveness and when her eyes blinked he felt himself falling from the tunnel and continues moving turbo away from it unless it turns into just a dot in this titanic expanse filled only through light.
Rape Story19.jpg
Selvam is surprised by means of what he sees. He would see Rudhara letting go of her hand and directing Kathir to do the equal as good.Kathir, whose hand he grabbed earlier that began this whole factor let go of Tanirika's other hand. Infuriated by using what he noticed Selvam runs towards them growling like a mad canine. Rudhra turns at the proper time to push Selvam away but he's doesn't fall, he comes again along with his fists pumped with fury to knock Rudhra down once and for all. Rudhra takes a blow and an additional however Selvam couldn't make him tumble. He could see a form of fortitude in Rudhra's eyes despite the blows he takes. He tries to disregard it and push him apart to arrive Tanirika however he doesn't. Rudhra with the entire force he might acquire pins Selvam to the bottom and doesn't let him go. Selvam tries to act rough but Rudhra doesn't care. He yells at Vasu for help however from the corner of his proper eye he would see him simply standing and doing nothing. He stares at Rudhra's eyes still struggling with his body to interrupt free nevertheless it ceases slowly to nothing. In the course of the surprising silence he would truly hear Rudhra's heart beating and it gets louder and louder but he doesn't feel like shutting his ears, he continues paying attention to it and when it reaches its threshold, he realised that it isn't Rudhra's heartbeat that he hears but his possess. A beat he hasn't heard for an awfully long time. Rape Story20.jpg

Tanirika with some effort tries to get herself up from the bottom. Tears flow from her eyes however she doesn't do something about it. She doesn't say or do something. She just wants to head house. She is afraid that these palms would contact her once more but nothing occurs. She would see the 4 men nonetheless constant at the equal spot proper in entrance of her however she feels them some distance away from her similar to four identical chess pieces. She tries to search out the man who saved her by way of adjusting her gaze but it doesn't help. Any of the 4 might be him but she won't go back to have a appear. She remembers his face. She mentally locations it on top of those 4 chess portions and whispers, "thanks." Rape Story21.jpg
When Athreya saw his daughter limping closer to dwelling with blood on her face, He ran. He ran toward her like a maniac. Throughout the run he didn't for even a second look away from her face. The face that he couldn't see due to the fact of her hair disguising it totally which reminded him of an ancient painting hung someplace in his tuition whose subject's face is hidden absolutely through its lengthy hair whose face he can on no account see however can only assume.Rape Story22.jpg
When he ultimately reaches her, he kindly adjusts her hair and looks at her wounded face with horror and bursts into tears. He appears into her eyes however finds nothing in them as opposed to tears. With tears in his eyes he wipes the blood of his lovely daughter's face. He desperately wants to ask her what occurred however his vulnerable heart doesn't enable him to. Tanirika takes her father's hand and together they begin in the direction of their residence. She turns to look at him and realizes that he's in severe distress. She tightens her grip, lie on his shoulder and might hear herself whispering 'I'm ok appa. Nothing occurred'.Rape Story23.jpg

NOW HER THOUGHTS... Rape Story24.jpg

A memory rushes to my head. This occurred after I was once a little or no woman. Someday while enjoying outside my home I tripped over some small pieces of rock and fell head first to the ground. My appa listening to me yell with affliction came speeding out to support. He carried me the entire way to the health center telling me studies about courageous little women to make me stop crying however I didn't. I stopped crying most effective when the health care professional cleaned my temple and positioned a small bandage over the wound. The bandage used to be eliminated a few days later and when I checked out myself in the replicate, I noticed a small reddish formation on my temple. My eyes slowly started to water and with those puffy eyes I ran to my appa and requested him what it was once and whether it's going to be there at all times. With a little bit chuckle he held on to me and explained that the formation is nothing to be petrified of and it's known as a 'Scar'. He continued by means of explaining that a scar is only a biological procedure that helps to repair the wound and it'll vanish in a few days but I wasn't convinced. I felt uneasy at any time when I checked out a mirror and with anger I started to play the blame recreation. For the following couple of days, at any time when I noticed a rock mendacity on the garden I just picked them and threw them out with the sort of rage slightly girl might accumulate. Noticing what I was once up to my appa referred to as out for me. He calmly requested me what I used to be doing and i explained. He quietly listened to what I needed to say and when I was finished he sighed for a second. He took the stone that I was nonetheless carrying in my hand and along with his gentle voice he instructed me that my fall wasn't the stone's fault. He further elaborated that the rocks are inanimate objects positioned wherever they are by the force of nature and that I alas stumbled upon one. He referred to as it an accident and informed that I as an animate object should be more cautious in future with my actions so that I don't fall regularly as there are such a large amount of inanimate objects around us. I don't forget being angry with him for a whilst for no longer taking my part and in a number of days the scar vanished and i moved on.
The memory washes everywhere me like a wave at the same time I take a seat here with blood on my face and a scar in my heart. Is this my fault too? Is it my fault that I had to take a stroll via the woods and stumbled upon these men? Is that this an accident too? Are they inanimate objects as well? Should I be more cautious whenever I take a stroll external and look from the corner of my eyes consistently for demons lurking in the dead of night? Or should I just stay home to any extent further considering the fact that I'll be defenceless when confronted by way of this kind of demons? And most significantly, Will this scar vanish? Will I move on??

This is the hard-hitting reality that many of us choose to ignore

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good to say,excelent story.