I remember this place. You shared a photo from there...

Yep, I posted a photo from this same place couple of weeks ago

nice one :)

Feel you, today has been the worst. Yesterday I even had a little hope for the spring to begin, but today it's been snowing all day and I feel so discouraged 😥

Yesterday was pretty bad but I hope that next week we could have some sunnier days :D

But I love your photo, though 😍

I would have liked to live a winter full of snow like yours @emilyl. It looks more beautiful and prettier than spring. Fascinating picture as usual my dear

Oh yes , same feeling in Turku too . Can’t wait for spring x

I'm really waiting for spring as well already :D

I did not saw your photos for a while
good to have you back

I've been quite busy with school for the past week but I'm trying to get back to posting more again now :)

Very Good Photo. Thanks For Share~

Thanks! :)

What a lovely forest

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