I am waiting for more drone shots!

Congratulations dear friend for have a drone. We'll have beautiful and fascinating pictures like this one. Have a great weekend @emilyl

Ace first drone shot Emily!
Welcome to the drone squad.

Thanks Sam! :)

2 person on ice road in this picture 3rd like animal

Beautiful capture @emilyl

Keep enjoy your beautiful life :)

it is very amazing shot

Drones are amazing and indeed hard to fly! We don't have one ourself but a friend let me use his one a while ago! Looking cold in Finland! have a great day and enjoy more drone flights!

Thats amazing :o, how high was it? I would like to buy one for my Icelandic trip (but damn, they are so expensive ) :o

beautiful view, share similar photos more

Thanks, I definitely will! :)

Congratulations! How much did the drone cost?

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