When will the snow be melten?

Most of it will be gone probably by mid-April. Isolated pockets can be found in shady spots such as under spruces even in late May if the weather has been cool until then. Some large, artificial banks of compacted snow made by snow plows can take incredibly long to melt. I remember once seeing one on the side of a football field in early June when the air temperature was about 25 C. It felt strange to walk past one in shorts.

In Lielahti, Tampere, there is a place where the city dumps much of the snow collected from the streets of the city centre. That snow is quite dirty and cannot be dumped anywhere. Now, that dump contains a very large amount of snow. Often, it won't be gone until August.

Wow! Finland is so beautiful. You arranged photo like a designer. Do you usually photograph landscapes or various stuff, cause this looks pretty nice, actually proffessional.
Have a nice day - @tonac :)

Just a tip, if you're 'heated' enough give a look about golden cut and fibrous spiral. Not quite sure is it named that way I've just translated it from my language. Actually, golden cut is right I suppose haha. Those are, ..., Styles of desing and 'way' of perfection. See you :)

woow. very good landscape shot.
the redness of the sky and the snow-white association are wonderful!
congrats ..

And have a nice day .. my friend :)

So crisp. Love these sort of days.

Yep, me too :)

Apparently the alterations are minimal on the picture @emilyl. A professional shot my dear

Nice sunset!

My question is a bit off topic... for me it's showing you used like 9 tags/categories for the post. Is that right?

I recently just heard of @steepshot ... not sure what it is yet.
But it's interesting that it let's you go beyond 5 tags.

:) wow excellent landscape

Beautiful colours , btw was it from this evening ?

No, this is from last week actually :)

Nice shot Emily! We really should visit Finland during the winter months. Only been there once to visit a friend at the end of summer.

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