A few pics from a Photography noob. Grundy County Corn Festival

in photography •  3 years ago

Ive recently gotten into photography and am loving it so far. Setting up the camera, snapping the pic and seeing what I think are some really cool results, is an amazing feeling! Everyone needs to try this at least once in their lifetime.

Taken on a Sony A6000 using various prime lens's

Im interested in others photos, amateur or professional. Its an awesome experience!

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your all photographs are fantastic !!!
My latest photographs : https://steemit.com/new/@royalmacro/river-and-boat-indian


Thank you so much!

Colorful and awesome!


Thank you for the compliment! I had a great time taking them.

Great photos!

Like your photographs, makes me interested in that cam too.

really awesome photos1

Nice. The vintage car shots are my favourites.

Great photos emilyelizabeth.