One evidence how wonderful are human beings

in photography •  last year

I really don't care how much Steem I will earn about this post but I insist to share this wonderful artwork I found yesterday in my home town of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. During my work activities in the older part of the city (actually long ago since my last one there) I was stunned by this amazing, briliant art. What a talant! Next time I will stop by in the cafe to talk with artists if they are there and tell them about Steemit because we all deserve to enjoy art like this. If you passing by Veliko Tarnovo go to this Garden of Eden on Samovodskata Charshia, take a cup of fragrant coffee and feel the inspiration of this place.


See how gifted are Bulgarians! In moments like this I am proud with my nation!

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Beautiful artwork. What a great treasure. Thanks for sharing.


If you can see it on the wall there you will be speechless


I will try to reach artist to talk with them to share their magic in Steemit


I'm sure it is breathtaking!


It is...

Wonderful find, these kinds of works are so impactful for the area


and a wonderful inspiration- joy for the soul

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This is so beautiful. Someone like me will end up having a conversation with them. Oh my goodness, it will be a free vent session. Thanks for sharing.