summer flowers - photography - 4K wallpaper

in photography •  4 months ago

These are the hottest days here in Austria. Today I had a long walk with my dog and my cats and I was equipped with my camera to make some nature photography. they are all in 4K resolution and without any postproduction ! enjoy. It is a "best of" selection of the ones I really find cool. and I hope you like my work with macro and deph of Field too. all pictures are made by the author @elgeko
100% original work

magenta mouth


purple solist


star fractal


yellow cluster



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Nice captures @elgeko! My favorite is the purple solist :)


yeihh glad you like it. thnX 4 the feeback


No problem :D what lens did you use?


It has a Leica vario lens 25-600mm equivalent lens with F2.8 across the zoom range.


Oh I see, I guess the aperture is what I was wondering about, thanks!


Awesome image my favorite are both purple solist and Yellowish

a0dXV (1).gif

Beautiful :)

@elgeko this is the first time i came across your post.picture are simply awsome,this truly depicts your photography skills.well each flower is best,purple solist is my favouirite.

Nice picture .....keep it up :)

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First pic is orchid, isn't it? My mom love orchid so much

Thanks for your wonderful pictures.
some people ask about the flowers names

2- Campanula rotundifolia
3- Wild carrot Its scientific name is Daucus carota. It is an Apiaceae (or Umbelliferae). It inhabits dry meadows, roadsides, hedges, fields, wasteland, limestone soil. The English call it "Queen Anne's Lace" because of the central flower, sometimes red as a drop of blood falling on a work!

I was just staring at the picture open-mouthed for so long! Wow amazing and I just give you the upvote because this photo worth more than a thousand words Good work.

excellent walk you had. Very good pictures you share, all the flowers were sensational 👍

Thanks for sharing these images, could you also share some of your settings.

You are in the fantastic area. Each photo is beautiful and delightful.this is the sort of heart touching nature's're lucky to have this stunning herbal scenes surrounding you.

Excellent pictures, when shooting, highlight the mirror, it will be even better

Those flowers are soo beautiful!