White sand beach, Banda Aceh

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Almost every beach in Aceh has a charming charm. Well, one of the beaches that has an interesting charm is Lhok Mee Beach. Lhok Mee Beach is famous for its white sand beaches and trees in the air is located in Lamreh Village, Mesjid Raya District, Aceh Besar District, Aceh.
In Aceh Besar looks beautiful with a row of pine trees, then on the White Sands Beach Lhok Mee is a little different, because we can see the trees lined the surface of the sea. Residents there called the Geurumbang tree. Also there are roots of mangroves towering on the edge of the beach. The sea water there can go up and down instantaneously. When the sea air is pairs, white sand beach that blend color with the sea air is clear blue. However, sea air compilations recede. The roots of the mangroves appear one by one like a spearhead that is plugged into aja.
This geurumbang tree grows at an altitude of about 1-2 meters. So you can climb this tree, and do not forget to bring a fishing pole, because fishing and sitting on this tree has its own sensation. Another characteristic of Lhok Mee Beach is that it has a fine stretch of white sand and straight beach powder. You can swim while enjoying the waves of the sea. As for snorkeling, of course you can enjoy the beautiful coral reefs on the beautiful beach.
This beach became a very photogenic tourist sites. Because of its beauty, this location is often a place of wedding photos of the bride and groom. Lhok Mee Beach is also equipped with many supporting facilities. There is a row of grilled fish stalls built facing the sea with a diverse menu. Coffee lovers can also enjoy coffee at the stalls on this beach. Also there are young coconut, boiled noodles and other food. The building is in this food junk shop you can use to rest, eat food, and lay down.
Lhok Mee Beach is just 2 km from Malahayati harbor, or 40 km from Banda Aceh City. From Banda Aceh City, you can go to Lhok Mee Beach at the start of Simpang Mesra roundabout. Turn left to the Krueng Cut bridge and start the Rear Admiral Keumala Hayati street leading to Malahayati Harbor. With a speed of 60-70 Km / Jam or about 35 minutes drive, you have arrived at White Sand Beach Lhok Mee Aceh Besar.

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