Best phones to take photos: YotaPhone 2, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, OnePlus 2-3

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I am using my amazing Yota YotaPhone 2 for many years now, but today is really hard to live with 2GB ram and love to take photos with much more details.

The best #smartphone for photography

I spent many hours searching, testing and comparing phones to find the best phone to take highly detailed photos and the fact was shocking: there are no better cameras in modern phones than the YotaPhone 2 made in 2014. There are many phones with higher resolutions, crazy software boosts, wide-angle, multiple cameras and such extras, but all of them have blurry, not too detailed photos at the end. Here is the tree worthy exclusion from this:

  1. Huawei Mate 20 Pro (~270€)
  2. OnePlus 2 A2003 (~110€)
  3. OnePlus 3 A3003 (~96€)

My criteria

  1. Android
  2. well-detailed photos
  3. good battery
  4. 3.5 headphone jack


I am searching for the OnePlus 2 in good condition for a good price.


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