Getting some sun with Veka (original work)

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First of all, I'd like to say that I'm very pleased to see so many new photographers getting a bit of wind in their sails. It feels good to be not only noticed, but compensated. Photography has been marginalized by and large by the proliferation of ways in which we can capture imagery. It's getting harder to tell what sort of equipment was used.

Veka is just an exquisite subject to photograph.
Enjoy her expressions and how easy she makes it look.

One thing for photographers to note is how she also has her shoulders at some angle to the camera - even head on, she dips one shoulder making the otherwise static looking pose a bit more dynamic. Chances are your subject will not have a CLUE as to how to do this - so you may need to help them with some gentle wording.

I appreciate any and all feedback, inquiries as to how something was accomplished etc.

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Beautiful work. The model is excellent like you say.

Many thanks @condra - Indeed she removed half the battle by doing her part so effortlessly