Exotic Flowers 2: Aristolochia Littoralis - (original work)

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This specimen was photographed in Singapore's Botanical Garden and is also known by a few other names including 'The Dutchmen's pipe' (ARISTOLOCHIA LITTORALIS). This is a carnivorous plant similar to the venus fly trap, but it doesn't snap closed on it's prey. This is a common vine to find growing in conservatories in the US and likely elsewhere.

Backlighting the leaves allows us to see the variegated veins in them & provides a greater tonal range in the greens.
Shot handheld using a Sony A7r with the 55mm e-mount as I was too lazy to use the 90mm e-mount macro
Cropped approx 50%
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Always enjoying everyone of your photographs! I give thanks to you for your continued contribution. :D

Good to hear - when I see them I think, dang, I wonder what else is out there!

Very nice keep them coming and stay passionate! ;)

Power on! I figure if you have to look at something it should be easy on the eyes!


yeah...I like. I have pic of these kind of plant to from Cloud Forest at garden by the bay. I seen one at a floral shop quite a long time back near the old Mediacorp office location