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The benefits of leaves from vile shard to maintain the health of human organs still need to be published and studied more deeply. Vile leaves of shard are leaves that you will often find around you.
Unfortunately, you often think of vile leaves as ordinary wild leaves that have no use and benefits.
If you have ever encountered these vile shard leaves, indeed these leaves grow quite easily anywhere. However, it is easy to grow and multiply, does not mean that these shiny leaves have no benefits. In fact, at this time, vile leaves are one of the natural ingredients that can help humans cure their diseases or prevent disease.


Vile leaves of shard are one of the plants that flourish in Indonesia.
This plant has the Latin name Strobilanthes crispus together with the benefits of binahong leaves.
The naming of these vile leaves also varies in Indonesian society. In general, these leaves are known as vile leaves. However, in some areas, especially in Jakarta, the leaves are known as broken shard leaves.
The Betawi community in particular calls this leaf a leaf of picah beling in the language of the Betawi region.
Javanese people are more familiar with this leaf with the name of small leaves or shingles.


Ingredients in Keji Beling Leaves

Leaves of vile shard as mentioned earlier are plants that can be found anywhere. This plant is able to grow on any plain, both highlands and lowlands. Especially in areas with tropical climates, the leaves are cruel shard is very fertile growth and development.

Because of its growth and development that is easily found by the people, even in any place, this plant is often considered a wild plant.
The existence of this leaf is ignored even though the nutritional and vitamin content in it is very much and able to have properties that are very effective for human health.

Benefits of Leaves from Keji Beling for Body Health

As mentioned in the previous section, it turns out that these vicious leaves of wild-growing shard are very rich in nutrients and minerals.
The various contents are certainly very interesting to know what are the benefits for the human body.
Here are some of the benefits of beji keeling leaves for health, based on the nutritional and nutritional content in them:

Launching Urination (BAK). Helps Recovery of Kidney Stone Disease.
Helps Recovery of Stone Urinary Disease. Launches Defecation Process. Prevents Constipation / Hemorrhoids. Helps Recovery of Hemorrhoid Disease.
Helps Recovery of Constipation. Helps Recovery of Diarrhea . Helps Recovery of Dysentery. Prevents Diabetes. Helps Recovery of Diabetes.
Prevents Tumor Growth. Prevents High Cholesterol. Helps Recovery of Lever Disease. Helps Recovery of Ulcer Disease. Maintain Gastric Health and Overall Digestion. Preventing Skin Allergies.

Some of the benefits of the vile leaves above can be concluded that the vile leaves are very useful for health, especially digestive health and the human excretion system.
The consumption of vile leaves can smoothen the process of removing small and large water waste, and several other related diseases.

Vile leaves of shard which is a plant that has a lot of nutrient content capable of meeting the nutritional needs needed during the digestive process. In addition, the structure of the leaves is very suitable for consumption as a treatment of wounded stomach walls and infections.
Unfortunately, information about the benefits of leaves from these vile shades is unknown to the public.
Even though the shabby leaves of the glass are easily available around us even for free.

That was some information about the benefits of leaves from vile shard.
Hopefully you can use this leaf for your natural healing needs. So that the vile leaves of the glass are no longer considered as wild leaves, but the benefits are widely known to the public. Healing using natural ingredients is certainly safe and cheaper in terms of cost than maintenance by spending a lot of other money.



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