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Durian Dutch benefits - Do you know what is Dutch durian, Dutch Durian in Indonesia is called soursop or in English it is called soursop. Dutch durian fruit contains many substances so it is magical in curing cancer and being an anti-cancer agent. Not only the fruit but soursop leaves are also very good in treating cancer. Why don't we know ...?

Actually, the Dutch soursop or durian is known to the world of health as the best natural ingredient in destroying cancer cells. But this has long been a secret among doctors. They cancer experts continue to close this matter public, because they are afraid their chemical drugs will not sell.

Dutch durian benefits in treating cancer, any type of cancer including tumors is very good. This is believed to be 1000 times better than using chemotherapy in treating cancer. The reason is none other than Dutch soursop or durian only kill cancer cells, while chemotherapy turns off normal cancer cells and body cells, so chemotherapy has a negative effect on body health.

But finally, the secret of ancient medicine was also revealed by the American Institute of Health Sciences. They say that miraculous plants have been grown deep in the Amazon, which changed your mindset, your doctor, and the world of cancer health and became a hope for survival from cancer and tumors.

Dutch Durian has a low tree, in Brazil called Graviola, in Spain Guanabana, English Soursop, in Malaysia is called Dutch Durian, while in Indonesia it is said to be Soursop. The fruit is rather large, the skin is spiny soft, the flesh is white, it tastes sweet acids, is eaten by opening the skin or making juice.


Benefits of Dutch Durian / Soursop for Cancer

  1. Dutch or soursop durian will attack cancer cells effectively and naturally and there are no side effects such as treatment with chemotherapy. does not lose weight, does not cause nausea and does not make hair fall out.

  2. Protect the immune system and prevent the body from deadly infections

  3. With health care with Dutch durian, patients feel better, healthier and stronger.

  4. It can increase energy and body vitality

A shocking news source from one of the largest drug manufacturers in America. Soursop fruit or durian Netherlands has been tested more than 20 laboratories, from the 1970s to the next few years. The test results from the extract (juice) of this fruit are:
Effectively selecting targets and killing bad cells from 12 different types of cancer, including colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate, lung and pancreas. The work of Dutch durian is 10,000 times stronger in slowing cancer cell growth compared to Adriamycin and chemotherapy modern medical. Unlike chemotherapy therapy, Dutch durian juice selectively only hunts and kills evil cells and does not kill other healthy cells. How, maybe you are also surprised by the efficacy and benefits of Dutch durian for health. This is a fact today, so for those of you who have problems with cancer, it is necessary for you to consume Dutch durian fruit or by using Dutch durian leaves or soursop leaves as the ingredients you drink.



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