Czajka (Vanellus vanellus) lapwing

in photography •  last year 

Tego ptaka można spotkać na łąkach w okolicach stawów rybnych. Ja często go tam widuję. Pod koniec sezonu bywa w stadach liczących kilka tysięcy sztuk. Przepiękny widok.

This bird can be found in the meadows near the fish ponds. I often see him there. At the end of the season, it happens in herds of several thousand pieces. Beautiful view.




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thank you. I have more such photos, I invite you more often.

Thanks for posting under #birding. That's how I found your post. I am trying to develop a birding community on Steemit and will be on the lookout for #birding posts to update and follow . Good photo.

no problem