Photography - Dragonfly

in photography •  7 months ago

Two dragonflies were idling on the clothes line, symmetrically facing each other, perhaps preparing for courtship? I rushed to get my camera, but one of them flew away, the other remained waiting for its picture to be taken. Smile 📷

(click the image for high resolution)

Canon EOS 80D, 50mm

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I have an obsession with dragonflies and moths and they are recurrent in my songs. The Call of The Nymph says how many souls I may devour to become a dragonfly and fly high? Because the larvae of Odonata (dragonflies) are voracious creatures living in ponds then to emerge as the graceful damselfly. In Spain they are known as caballitos del diablo (little horses of the Devil*. For me they lool magical

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👊nice one✌️ Im looking for blue one ... will see, if I will have any luck this year🍀

Gotta love a good 50mm!


It's a 18-55 mm using 50 mm for that shot.


Gah coulda fooled me!! Nice capture for a kit lens ;)

Hahahaha it a boss.

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Hi @drakos!

Beautiful capture! They are so elegant! I am new to steemit and love to photograph. Here is a picture of my dragonfly! :-) I give you a follow if that is ok?!



Nice photo. Sure you can follow, no need for permission to do that :)


Thank you! :-)

Nice photo. And a helluva of a big dragonfly. Thanks for sharing @drakos

valuable post dear

Hi @drakos 🔱
A rare case when I see your post about nature and not about the technical aspects of the Internet.
What was the inspiration? :)


I do other things than the Internet :)


Sorry, I,ve just read your previous posts and thought you are a programmer)))


Programming is one of the things I do.

You're a multipurpose, not @drakos? 😊😏
it's good that he gave you time to run and look for your camera,👌
Long ago I took some pictures of a dragonfly but I lost them on my computer.🙄😢

Well seen, Drakos! Too bad his buddy didn't stick around, but that was quite generous of this guy to patiently wait. He musta needed a good portrait. New profile pic, maybe? ;)

I love dragonflies very much:) Nice photo!
( Would be great if you take a look at my latest drawings )

I love how you captured his wings in the downward position, it looks like it is wearing a sheer lace shawl.


It was a unique pose.

I am glad the other one was not as shy as the first one that got away 💚 Nice shot, there not many photos with their wings like that, you really captured the right moment in time with this one.

So colourful! ❤How pretty!
good job, they are very difficult to catch📷

Damm sirr i love the quality of this photo!! i'm glad to see you posting more often!!

They are impressive creatures, I love their ability to fly and change direction so quickly in flight. It is amazing how many of different art of dragonflies exist. I read in one article that is dragonflies can't fly then they starve because they they only eat prey they catch while flying. Seems like they like of "fresh food". It is a pity that the second one flown away, it would really funny to see them opposite each other like having a chat.

This photo reminded me when I was a child, there were lots of dragonflies on the ropes of clothes, I used to run to see if I could catch one, but they flew away.
Beautiful photo, at least that dragonfly did not go away.

Yes ... there are dragon flies all over the place these days. Fun to watch them dive down and take a sip of water from our small pond.

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Nice photo ;)

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Yesterday I went hiking and there were these iridescent blue dragonflies while I was trying to film an open mic... they were so magical... hope to share pics! (dragonfly obsessed)

Hello @drako They say that nothing is casual, I share one of my photos, I think we have some similar tastes. I congratulate you for your photography, because it is very beautiful, in addition you must have patience to take it, since this is a very restless insect. I was pleased to meet you.
Good vibes.

@drakos I missed that post of yours..sorry I can't vote for this :( Аlthough just waiting for a photo of a dragonfly. This dragonfly are a different breed, not green like me)

I noticed that we are from the same sect of enthusiasts Canon))) but my camera is old. I've been using Canon 40D for 10 years now and just love fixing a 50mm lens.

Thank you for supporting my post!