SteemitPhotoChallenge - Animal Portrait - Villa

in #photography5 years ago (edited)


This is a portrait of my manx cat Villa. The name means wool in finnish. She likes candles :)
Nikon d700 + 50/1.4
Lit with candle light


Click the image to see it on black background
Thanks for watching!


She seems content enough to watch the flicker indefinitely.🤓👍🔥

wow, it's awesome. . . you seem to be the best photographer

Thank you!

Beautiful picture! I have followed you and upvoted! 😊

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!

Villa on fire :)

I hope wool doesn't burn easily! :D

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Love the bokeh! :D

Thank you! 50/1.4 af-s nikkor.

Great lens! I have the f1.8

I think in a way the 1.8 is even better since it's a bit lighter and cheaper so you are not so worried using it :D

Beautiful! Love the bokeh!

Thank you! Yeah Nikon af-s 50/1.4 is quite good if you consider the price!

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