Saskatchewan is a Paradise - Saskatchewan ist ein Paradis

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I heard stories about this place called Saskatchewan, not the good kind of stories. People were complaining that the place was ugly, flat and boring. That was when I picked interest in this place. You know the thing with Photographers is that the place they take a shot of is only as boring as the photographer wants it to be. A truly skillful Photographer can turn the most boring scenery into a play of shadows and colors.

So I took my camera in hopes to prove everyone wrong, that Saskatchewan is actually an amazing place. This is what happened when I took a camera and photographed a 'boring place'.

Ich habe Geschichten gehört von dem Ort den man Saskatchewan nennt, keine guten Geschichten. Die Leute die diesen Ort gesehen haben beschweren sich darüber wie hässlich, flach und langweilig dieser Ort ist. Diese Geschichten haben mein Interesse geweckt. Wisst ihr Fotografen lassen einen Ort nur zu langweilig sein wie sie wollen. Ein talentierter Fotograf kein einen unglaublich langweiligen Ort in etwas magische verwandeln.

Also habe Ich meine Kamera genommen in der Hoffnung jeden davon zu überzeugen das Saskatchewan kein langweiliger Ort ist. Das ist was passiert wenn Ich meine Kamera nehme und eine 'langweiligen Ort' fotografiere.

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Beautiful photos. I've never heard of this place until now, so thank you.

Uuuu awesome sunset! :) Or is it called reflected sun through the clouds? :)

I don't know which picture you meant, but It's reflected sun through clouds when you mean the first one.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I meant the first one :) Did you know flat earth theorists use this reflection as a proof that the sun is only like 40-50km away from us :D

I didn't know that those guys had the intelligence for that lol :D


Beautiful! Love the photos!