[ Video ] Spotlight Festival Series: The CEC Building Isomorphic Projections

in photography •  9 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest (I posted before more than a couple o shots of it, at different times).

All building projections were isomorphic, meaning that, at times, they were mimicking the actual structure and shape of the building with incredible precision, making the projection blend into the background in a very puzzling way.

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I love this type of art @dragosroua. Great capture again. It's fun to see it on a building in Budapest as I've only seen it in London and Brighton before. 😊


It's Bucharest, but I get what you're saying :)


Apologies @dragosroua. I should copy and paste. I've made that mistake before but the last time it was the other way around.

In my defence I'm very tired after a full on weekend in London. 😂


No worries, it happens a lot, we're used to it :) Glad you had a ball at the crypto event :)

My goodness, safe to say the best architectural designers are from Bucharest. Oh my days, im dazed, what are all these lights, i could spend a day looking at this

I love the festivals, excellent video, I post a post where I also talk about an incredible festival, I hope you can see them

Wow! Some of the effects were absolutely mind-blowing!

Wooow awesome its so nice and amazing thanks for sharing keep it up thanks for your video

Awesome video you share some thing different today very nice

The magic of Bucharest, the small Paris of Europe, an architectural spectacleAmong the gloomy apartment blocks of the communist era, there are Byzantine constructions, very old churches and Art Nouveau mansions that stand out as survivors of earthquakes, wars and communism.

To discover other charms of one of the most promising capitals of the European Union, we must give you a more detailed look, as you do, I congratulate you

Her building is very grand and unique.

Steem.supply really makes it easy for users.

Amazing Spotlight Festival in Bucharest, Romania beautiful building. seems that some magical world during spotlight so worthy to watch. It will be more worthy to watch these beauty in live. Thanks for sharing @dragosroua

very nice. My goodness, safe to say the best architectural designers are from Bucharest


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See you there

Great work with the light there , your posts today make me plan my trip to Bucharest :)

Saw the video...This is really beautiful and mind blowing...