Sicilian Views

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There are some very nice small places there , try to visit Taormina

Regards @dragosroua

Enjoy the place where you are. Italy is one of the greatest places in this World.

Have a Blessed Time.


I love the flavor of the old streets.

Glad you are enjoying your business trip there.

Such a amazing place my friend . Itally is a very beautiful country . I like itally . Thanks for sharing @dragosroua

wow i didnt knew italy is that much beautiful Ahan thanks for sharing with us

Beautiful place to be at right now looks spectacular :)

Lovely view of city and details of narrow streets. The do not enter sign looks like a men at work sign lol

Lovely scenery and a beautiful place to live, the environment looks cool and natural

Beautiful city you have here, some part of it looks like a film location.

What a good sight to behold!

Wow, Such a wonderful view in the first picture, I think It's golden view ;)

Lovely morning views to uplift the spirit

Its rusty, old and natural
Excellent photos
Enjoy your time

What a beautiful views

Is it from the trip you told us before?

Nice to be beautiful I was fascinated by your post.