Sicilian Sunrise

in photography •  3 months ago


This week I'm traveling, work related. This time it's Sicily, and this is how it looks when I'm waking up. Really wanted to catch the moment when the sun rises from the sea, but lost it with like half an hour. Well, maybe tomorrow.

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This can happen in any island, such a cool thing to see

Sicilian landscape looks beautiful and also the sales their and sunset in Sicily is amazing

'Work' related travel...that's a shame. Italy is so beautiful, I hope you have an opp to enjoy it and of course the fine food alongside your work!

This sunrise certainly put a morning smile to my face...beautiful

Do you do non-work related travel? :D


I did a lot of that a while ago. Kinda missing it, to be honest :)

Have a good journey, Nice Capture.

Great sight
Have a good day

Really extraordinary sunrise photography which facinated me again and again. So keep pushing, you are becoming a GREAT photographer!

IMAGINE: somewhere in a galaxy far, far away there is a species that does not fight. A species that is at one with its surroundings. A species that is not shallow and does not judge a book by its cover. A species that does not desire control over its fellow beings. A species that works together without selfish motives.

This is where humanity has gone wrong. We are incredibly lucky to have this planet - the place we call "home". Competition in society breeds so many problems. Whether the competition is innate, or whether it is manufactured is up for debate.

Appreciate this life you have. Appreciate your environment. Appreciate one another.

Stunning sky indeed! Love the photography.
Thanks for sharing @dragosrosa keep moving forward.

This is mind blowing amazing!
This is absolutely gorgeous!
Nice captured!

Actually when the 'sky' takes on shades-of-orange throughout 'sunrise and 'sunset, the-colour that gives you hope that the sun will set entirely to rise once more.

Steem on!

Is it the tour about steemit and blockchain ? or something related to Crypto? or personal business?

Have a great posting beautifully. Thank you so much for a complex post.


Have a great posting
Beautifully. Thank you so much
For a complex post.

                 - akikur100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Really nice photography

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Great shot! At what time did you wake up to catch it? As I know today in my motherland such phase of sun was nearly 6 a.m

The photo looks beautiful even with the sun slightly up in the sky

The pic is anmazing. Waiting for tomorrow sun rising pictures. Hopefully you will be succeeded to capture it really well

Wao very attractive photography,Wonderful sunrise,great travel,Amazing click,thanks for sharing,

what a beautiful sunrise 😍

Damn nice shot @gragorousa especially you'v show it greatly. these all photography are prosperous....

Actually When I think about that sunrise that I woke up to that morning, I just feel like I got as close to nowhere as I could get, and found out that it was more of a place than anywhere I’ve been in a long time.

However, spectacular view...
Thanks for sharing this extraordinary photography...

Nicely captured the moment looks a beautiful shot and a great beginning of the day :)